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Here is YOUR chance to capitalise on the billions of dollars spent annually on Internet Advertising.

Receive Unlimited Banner Impressions

delivered over thousands of websites!

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You can make $101,152.70 and more

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A REVOLUTION in Income Generation has arrived!

Internet advertising is a billion dollar industry with people spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year to promote and advertise their programs and services.

Let's face it; it doesn't matter how good your program or service is, how much in demand it is or whether it is the best in the marketplace, if no one knows about it, you just wont make any money!

Just think about the hours you spend driving traffic to your website. The hours you spend clicking away on Traffic Exchanges or even just researching other avenues of website promotion. It all adds up to a fair amount of money, especially when you cost your valuable time.

We all have to advertise if we are going to make any Internet dollars and that's an absolute fact!

Wouldn't it be great if you could advertise your business or service and also make a profit from people advertising their business or service!

Well now you can.

My Complete Business is a program that allows you to advertise your business through thousands of traffic sites and gives you the opportunity to make a great income in the order of thousands and thousands of dollars each and every year through our unique Pay Plans.


You can earn by way of different plans

You can be active or totally passive - the choice is yours - either way you will make a great income!

If you wish to advertise via Banner Ads which will be displayed across over thousands of traffic sites including over 200 Traffic Exchanges and on the Internets best Viral and Credit based Mailers, plus a hoard of other proven traffic generating programs.

This is so simple - you receive quality advertising plus make an income at the same time.


You will receive, over time, multiple earnings, you will receive unlimited Banner & credit Impressions.

How our Pay Plan works:

The Team Surf is built to provide you with an excellent income over a longer period of time and can be a true passive income earner for you.

Upgrades to higher levels and the higher income streams are automatic upon completion of the previous level.

Those that join under your affiliate link as a result of your promotional efforts, they will be tagged as your referral, you will receive income for that act of recruiting.

So when a member who has joined you in your MCB business as a result of your promotional, you will receive $1.00.

You would have earned $114.50 monthly.

If you can refer others or wish to build an individual team, then this is the perfect way for you!

Pay scale is based on a per member basis, which you can withdraw as soon as your account balance is $100 or more.

How our Marketing Plan Works

We are using over 200 Manual Traffic Exchanges, including arguably the Top 10 ranked on the Internet and the best Viral Mailers that the Web has to offer.

We use a collection of banners, text ads, full page Splash Pages and Solo Emails Advertisements to advertise your My Complete Business.

The underlying principle behind My Complete Business is to be transparent and to offer members effective advertising of their own programs at a very low cost. We have also made this program a completely passive income generator in that we do all the marketing and recruiting for you.

Now the number one downfall for people wishing to make an Online Income is the lack of effective marketing. I personally don't know you but I can guess that you have tried other programs only to find little success. If you are completely honest with yourself you would probably say that you simply didn't throw up enough advertising and gave up on the program before the numbers fell your way.

Not only do we utilize Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers, we use link exchanges, text ad exchanges, Solo Ads and many other forms of credible advertising.

After all, everybody needs website advertising and with a one time payment of only $14.00 or $28, well everybody can afford this!

All upgrades are automatic and occur once your previous level is full!

This means that you will also pickup a referral bonus of up to $114.50 per referral.

Effective Advertising of your nominated sites

The Corporate Marketing that we undertake will ensure that your text and banner advertisements will appear in rotation on this page and our Splash page on over 200 Traffic Exchanges including the Internet's Top Manual Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers.

Your text and banner impressions advertising your own programs will also be shown on a host of other traffic sites as members undertake their own promotion of the Corporate Sales and Splash pages.

I would suggest that this type of exposure is much more than you are probably getting to your website right now.

In your back office there are Splash Pages, Banner and Text Advertisements and Solo Emails that you can use to promote your My Complete Business. These are all coded with your affiliate link.

You will receive a 10% referral commission for everyone that you personally introduce through your affiliate link.

Additional Benefits...

Besides the tremendous low cost effective Banner and Surf Advertisements that you will receive, you will also be able to access a downline builder where you can grow residual credits in Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers and also promote your own programs to another eager audience.

You simply cannot fail!

Everybody on the Internet is after a way of making money!

Everybody involved in Internet Marketing is looking to promote their own business!

This is perfect for those who cannot sponsor!

No one would refuse the possibility of making a completely PASSIVE INCOME!

Everybody can afford a one time $14.

You do not have to recruit or advertise to make money in this business!

This business is perfect for Team Builders!

Click the join button and have everyone else who sees this page in your team starting from today!

Click the link below to get started immediately!

"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for; but, rather something to be achieved." -William Jennings Bryan

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